Tuesday, December 27, 2011

An Abstract Realistic Transparent Oil and Scribble Painting

It's Confidential
20 X 24    thinned oil on canvas
with graphite

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© M. Allison 2011

This is another painting of two of my daughters engaged
in conversation.  Must be 'confidential'.  I've tried this in
a different technique.  Very little paint is used - it's
thinned with paint thinner and appears to be a
watercolor and I can hardly wait to get to the point
to scribble ! Anyway, it's fun and freeing.  Enjoy!

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Contemporary Painting with Emphasis on Light and Shadow

Who's Calling?
28 X 25   oil & acrylic on canvas
contact me for purchase: allison@mallisonartist.com
© M. Allison 2011

O.K., so I traveled to Washington DC with my beautiful
daughters for my birthday, and everywhere we go, I coerce them 
to 'pose' for me of which they now have become acquiescent.  
Here we are at the Supreme Court which was on the list
because two of them are attorneys and one is an interior designer 
and an unbelievable artist, so the architecture and the representation
of this building was a must!
To me, they make wonderful models, but because of my
signature style of 'featureless' faces, they can become
anyone.  Therein lies the fun of it!  The contrast of the light and
shadow in this scene was enticing to me.  I hope I have done it justice!

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