Monday, October 18, 2010

An Abstract Representational Oil and Acrylic Contemporary Floral Painting

From Within Green
23 X 52 oil on canvas

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© M. Allison 2010
 This painting is in my first series of abstracts called 'From Within'.  This particular one is going in the Dutch Gallery Art Show in Dallas at the beginning of November.  It's a new technique I have developed recently and it's always a surprise in the end.
I have been doing quite a few commissions lately, but have found some time to work on this technique.  It's so much fun and now some have become representational along with abstract.  I am going to work on this with my adult students and possibly my younger ones.  I think they'll have a great time painting and developing this style just as I am.
Things have been very busy lately, but it's felt great.  Shows comming up and now the holidays are on the horizon too.  Not to mention the upcoming trip with my three daughters to Santa Fe for my birthday.  How lucky to be traveling with my daughters to such a fun ands artistic place!  O.K., on the other side of my  creativity, I've been constructing a bassinet for my first grandbaby due in February.  Since I'm not the best seamstress, I'm relying on fabric glue.(don't wince!).  It's going to be beautiful, using my grandmother's linens and her guidance and love. She will certainly be there in spirit!
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