Monday, July 2, 2012

Third Generation Miracle

Third Generation Miracle
20 X 24  oil on canvas

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© M. Allison 2012

Just found out that this painting won 3rd place in the Art Challenge for June.  So exciting!
This is from a photo someone took of my youngest
daughter, myself and my first grandbaby.  Somehow it looks
like all three of us even without the features.  I love the 'no feature'
thing as is evident in so much I paint.  These color combinations,
Naples Yellow, Yellow Ochre, and Davey's Gray are favorites of mine.
Oddly, though today, I did do a portrait with features and I will
post that when I photograph it.

Look in the August edition (coming out July 7th) of 
Visual Language Online magazine in the
website for a two page spread of my most recent work.

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